Around the fire

Around the fire


The coldest, darkest months of the year used to be a time of gathering around a fire to celebrate comminuty and transport ourselves out of the cold winter, and into tales and songs.

While this pandemic is keeping us "socially distant", each in our home, I feel called to offer these opportunities for us to come together and share stories, songs, and community. 

This is a hard time for many and I believe that a little spark of joy and connection can go a long way. 

Here are my offerings to keep us warm and connected.


Singing Telegram 

4-5 mins pre-recorded

Dedicate a song to a friend or loved one 


30 min live video conference call 

Bring a surprise to your family Zoom Christmas,
host a holiday cocktail with friends or a virtual work party  

Private concert  

60 min live video conference call 

Invite your friends, colleagues and family 
to gather virtually, enjoy a concert and connect together  

Singing Lessons

60 min video conference call

Practice your singing or encourage
someone you love with their passion. 
Single lesson via Zoom $40 
Or buy 5 lessons for $160 

Give the gift of music and connection to your loved ones, 

friends and colleagues this holiday season.