Work, Wine, Worry - The Happy Minute Experiment

Disclaimer: This post is for the chronically unsatisfied. If you are totally contempt with your existence at the moment, don't even bother (why should you?) !

Life hacks.
What a cool trend. I too wish there were shortcuts to success? money? love? 

From the little that I know, feeling good is probably the best thing you can do for yourself in the moment.
Why is it easier said than done?
We all have our excuses but I think it is time to stop explaining why we feel terrible and just start feeling better.
Tell the story differently or talk about something else.
Something that feels better.
Our emotions are such a great way of knowing if we're on the right track. Even feeling bad is good once you notice it and start working towards better feeling places.
I'll keep it short here with my optimistic blabla but if what I'm saying here resonates with how you are feeling, you might want to listen to what Abraham Hicks has got to say. It's been really helpful for getting back into alignment during the dark winter. 

Anyway, now you know where that's coming from. Here's the experiment:
When you wake up,
Think consistent feeling-good thoughts for a minute.

You know what I had to do? 

As if OVERTHINKING happy thoughts could be dangerous for my health.  

"What if I go over time? My oh my, there are so many things I need to do, book shows, find a job, bite my nails, drink coffee- no, Sophie, you can always go back to worrying later, give yourself a break!"

Now think about it, what if feeling good is something that can be practiced?
Could it  become easier and easier for your brain to wire and spread happy thoughts?
Like practicing a sport or an instrument? 

There are so many doors that we don't even know are there when we're feeling down. It's not about selling all your stuff and quitting your job (well, depends on your job...) it's just about doing a little better every day, you've heard that before I bet. Well I will tell you again; One step at a time.
I like to look at it this way:
You're in the middle of an imaginary circle (oops, ever noticed how egocentrism and geocentrism are only one typo away?) 
Your momentum/ energy/ goals / thoughts are directing your towards point A on the outer rim of the circle. 
Now, a little shift occurs in this momentum-bundle and you just rotate a tiny little bit towards something else. At the edge of the circle, you'll be somewhere totally different. That was only a little step away. 

(you can replace butterfly with anything else you like, cake, horses, waterfalls,or more urban stuff like ermmmm...I'm sure you'll find something!)

I know, I know, this is a very incomplete example but I just wanted to demonstrate how a little goes a long way. (Same for your savings, right? Well, that's only if your savings account has an interest rate that's higher than inflation...Getting carried away) 

There is so much out there for us!

Let me know if you notice anything as you begin to mindfully orientate your thoughts or how the process goes for you.
Love, sunshine and butterflies,



  • Cassie Caminiti
    Cassie Caminiti
    Just LOVE it! and your outlook!

    Just LOVE it! and your outlook!

  • Sophie Bijjani
    Sophie Bijjani
    Hihi, let me know how it goes for you! xxx

    Hihi, let me know how it goes for you! xxx

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