Chocolate and Chips

Before I'm dead and forgotten, I'd just like to share this story with you.

It took place in a time of ballrooms, big bands and winter gloom...-wait,, eh, 6 months ago?


Out of boredom and anxiety rose a desire : if I couldn't control my mood, then I would control anything else around it.

So I started brewing my own kombucha, sprouting clover and beans and washing my face with cocoa butter.

If you find this weird, do not adventure further, as it only gets worse.


At one point I even ordered non-nano-zync to eventually make my own sunscreen. That was also back in the days when I had started to use make up again, to hide the lack of sunshine-happiness from under my eyes. But then, the compact powder I had bought 6 years ago was almost empty. I was shopping for a replacement one when this brilliant idea made its way to my brain: 



oh my. Off I was, googling " DIY FACE POWDER" and eventually settling for a recipe that called for arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, essential oils and ...SPICES for color! So there I poured ginger, cimanomom I mean ciman- cinnamon, and cocoa in the white powder mix until I found a color I liked. Yes it smelled delicious and fresh (a little tea tree oil, a little lavender too) as I applied it to my face. I then looked like any other face-powdered muchacha from the 21rst century. 


Oh but you know this is not where the story ends.

So fast forward some weeks from then and teleport 250km away from my laboratory. 

Little Sophie's at a ballroom dance party, the big band is groovin' (and I am sweating).

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention:

in the midst of all these experiments, I had also started washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. 

Okay, now you've got all the information needed to imagine what dancing with me felt like that night:

like holding a melting chocolate bar and spinning a hyperactive bag of salt&vinegar chips around.

The wonder of it all is....

People still danced with me

and smiled !!!

I love humans. 


 Beauty tip updates: 

Still do the baking soda shampoo and apple cider vinegar conditioner, except is use the latter in a WAY diluted solution than I used that night. 

The face powder is still sitting quietly in a jar in my bedroom. Ever since the cocoa butter face wash, I don't really feel the need for it anymore.

Now, about the BENTONITE CLAY (which makes me feel like a superhero scientist or like clark kent) ...When I use it for face masks, my face is the same color as my eyes! 




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