Do You Trust Me?

You might have noticed that I have decided to crowdfund my next album and so I wanted to write a little entry on why I decided to do the whole thing via my website and not via kickstarter or indiegogo or any other crowdfunding platform. The short answer is:

Because I can and that way I don't have to give them 5 to 8% of what you're going to send my way.

The long answer is that at first I had a feeling these platforms would "look good" for my reputation, in the sense that, people trust these websites and so would feel comfortable funding me via them. But after thinking it through, I realized most of you know me anyway, and even if we haven't met personally you know well enough that I'm not into music to rip people off but because singing is almost my only way to be. And so I don't need their names to back me up. (But I do need you to back me and listen to me sing )  

The other thought I had was: Oh but they're a good way to get people that don't know me to fund my project. But the truth is...meh, not really. The competition is intense on these websites and it's not like the website team is doing much to help you out anyway.  Plus, I think the least 3rd parties involved the easier it will be for me to stay organized. 


See? Don't I look trustworthy? ;)






Well it turned out creating the whole webpage to host a similar template as the crowdfunding websites use was a much bigger time investment than the 5% I'll save but I kinda liked doing it and figuring out how to organize the whole thing, so I'm not too upset about it. 


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