Granny Sophie's Phone-Unlocking Adventure

It was about time I upgraded from my brother’s old Samsung Galaxy SII phone to a newer thing. 

Why ? 

I’m ashamed to tell you the answer. 



Sophie why do you need to post videos on instagram? 

Well…This independent musician right here is trying to figure out how to use social medias to draw more attention and followers to listen to her stuff. Organic reach, they call it... I’m not paying for facebook ads (yet..) ! 

Instagram & twitter are good hubs to reach new people, because unlike facebook, they don’t need to have “liked” your page to see your posts. People browsing on the different # hubs might check you out. 

So, after last year’s Bijjmobile, I now present you 


Bijjaphone! (or Cellajjani ? Oooh that’s exotic! Bet you've never seen anything like it!) 

(oh Sophie how do you find such creative names? Well, I’m an artist, you know!) 

There’s only a little problem with this Bijjaphone. 

It’s locked to Bell. And Bell will charge me 40$ to unlock it, although the guy I bought it from had fully paid it off. So what did I do? Of course, I googled my way to a cellular unlocking website called (watch out, they’re even better than me for names) 

They’ve got a bunch of different devices that they can unlock (unless you’re one of the lucky ones who bought a S7 who can be unlocked for free via samsung (it was about time!!!!)) and they say will send you a code within 1 to 12 business hours. 

25$ (okay that’s 32 cad these days but that’s still better than ugly Bell & Rogers & the rest of ‘em) 

So I decided to guinea-pig it for you. 

Why am I writing a whole blog post for it? 

Because I have found that sometimes, what made me use this website or the other was an online review I could trust. And since there are so many sketchy online unlocking businesses, I’d rather let you know if I find one that works! 

I’ll let you know how the whole thing goes when I receive my code. I’ve never unlocked a phone before! I usually tear them apart and replace parts and that’s all. Now that’s become harder too with the new glass and edge designs phew why would you fix and re-use a phone when you can buy a new one for only  899$ (what a bargain, I can only survive 2 months with this amount of money!) 


But Sophie what are you gonna do with you new (used) samsung S6 (hah bet you were dying to know which one I got, it’s not even a stolen one!) 

Well, friends, I will now be able to shoot two different angles when I do my youtube videos. How about that? 

I also enables me to take very flattering selfies. #nofilter Arrr ! 

I’ll also be able to record more easily & with better audio/video quality snippets of compositions, improvised performances, and just share more content with you of my every day life. Can we use the social medias to actually be more connected? 

For a while, it felt like a burden. Like it was all a show, I had to fake that only cool things were happening to me Like the social medias were just a big game I had to play in order to get fans. 

 That’s not how I want to look at it now: I want to see it as a net of opportunities. As a way to connect with people who like what I do and people who inspire me. One thing I love about blogging is that it enables me to hear back from you and to share with you more detailed thoughts, although you are not physically here with me drinking tea. 

So I feel like having a decent phone (excuse me, a top of the line-already-outdated-phone) might enable me to do all of this more easily. 

Plus, I really needed to get a phone number again (the 5th one in 2 years?) for gigs and planning things and…well, okay, I didn’t need it. But since I like being everywhere and often just take off on an impulsion, it is useful. 


So what about that website ? 

Well, I got a confirmation e-mail first, then 12 hours later, I received an e-mail from them with the unlock code.So, here’s how it went: 

I inserted a sim-card that wasn’t on the Bell Network, 
I got a message asking me for an unlock code. 
I entered the 8 digit unlock code that cellunlocker had sent me:  

Device Unlock Successful 

Hell yes! 

So now I’m with Virgin until a different provider has a better promo plan on. 

Guess what?...Virgin runs on Bell Network(toudoum-tcha!)

You know I never do things half-way. 

(except cleaning the countertops and shining the stainless steel fridge & microwave doors, I hear my parents say)


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