Now What?

My first gigging year in review + (one of) my new goals!

Hello friends!

Some of you I have met hitch-hiking around, others are long time friends, others I have met busking or performing somehwere,
maybe I haven't even met you yet (what? make yourself known!) 

In any case, thanks for reading this, following me and sharing your thoughts with me. 

Let's go back in time first so you can see where this is all coming from. 

After graduating from Jazz Voice, I was 21 and thought I would eventually figure "it" (life) out one way or another. I thought I'd get a clear ANSWER but couldn't even find a question. Tsss (hahaha naive me. I do recommend some love in it all, though, but to keep this post manageable in length, I wont tell you what I think usually makes people happy or not.  )

And so I left for an epic 6 months-ish hitch hiking adventure across Canada and in the Western part of the US. That's when I started busking. I wasn't spending much but I didn't want to spend more than I earned, (the busking experience is for another post as well). I bought this gorgeous 15$-princess/bride-dress (leading to interesting tan-lines too) and sang my heart out on the corner of the streets in Durango, then in Santa Fe. (bonus: here's a playlist of some busking videos from these good-ole-days)

What a beautiful experience this trip was: Connecting so easily with others when you are so vulnerable (seen this ted talk by Brenée Brown?).

Then my question got more precise: 

How can I adventure in a sustained manner,
creating something bigger
that lasts longer than a trip?
For a little while this question lingered in my subconscious.

As the North emerges out of hibernation, I'm starting to get all sorts of crazy ideas. Some of them are inspired by Amanda Palmer's "Art of Asking" and others are just fantasies that have been with me for a little while already. 

 Almost exactly a year ago I had set myself a goal: to play 15 payed shows over the next year so I could actually call myself a professional musician (Sure, there was music-school before, but let's be honest, it doesn't teach you how to make a living as a musician, mostly just made me more anxious about my capabilities.). 
May 21rst 2016 was my first 3h-solo show at the Wakefield Mill and since then,  I have played over 30 paid shows. (✓ CHECK ! ) 

So now is the time to set some new goals for the upcoming years. But first, let me tell you this: 

While getting paid to play music definitely is very enjoyable, the best part of it, for me, is the connections that I create with whoever is touched by what I am sharing. For that, it really helps when the crowd I'm playing for is sober enough to understand what I am saying, which is why I stay away from the pubs/bars scene. (Plus, granny Sophie likes to sleep early and watch sunrises when possible.) And while restaurants and street corners are perfectly fine venues, I would like some more diversity too.
So how do I do this?

Here's my latest fantasy....
(drum roll)
House concerts!
(genius, nobody has thought about this before!)
If you're not familiar with the concept, here's my take on it: smaller concerts of an hour or two that gather from 10-50 persons in a host's living room (or basement, or whichever room they have that can accommodate us). Acoustic or very lightly amplified . It can be at potluck, just a show, a big party after, or everyone goes home once it's is a very, very flexible concept. As for contributions, I'd go with something like: throw in the hat whatever you can afford to pay for the concert. 

Wouldn't that be a great way to share my music, my joy, travel, meet new people and make new friends?

Welllll I do think so too!!!
Plus,it's something I've been wanting to try for a year or two, but I didn't feel confident I had enough people interested in what I do. Now, I realize that I don't even need a whole lot of people. Start small, and then it'll grow.

So who wants to be a part of this adventure?
I'm thinking North America for the summer, and then if (WHEN!) my crazy dreams come true, we can expand this to Europe and wherever else I can connect with a host in the world? 

Please, comment if you have any thoughts, ideas.
Please share with anyone whom you think would be interested by this concept.

Last but not least, if you think you would like to host a house concert, get in touch with me so we can talk about it in more details  (no commitment ;) ).
 via facebook (the link will take you to my page) or via email ( ) 

I'm really excited to start planning this with you. 

(can't find a way to make this smaller, but you get the idea) 

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