On the road again !


And I love it!

Of course one of the great joys of travelling is the connection to the moment. We are surprised by things and they delight us. And it feels good.

So here's the "plan" : 

Move to BC.

but before...

Check out the TOTAL Solar Eclipse. I'm so excited for this event and since it is only going to be fully visible in the US, I tried my luck at passing the border, once again. Of course they told me to go inside. Then, the officier that questioned me (for 30 minutes) was exactly what Americans don't like about Americans, but after giving me an "F" at "passing the border" he let me go anyway. He said I was a unique case. I think that's a compliment. 

(to be fair, I understand that it's not helping my case when I tell them that I don't know yet where in BC I'll move, and that I don't have a gig there yet, that I don't have the # or the address of the person that i'm saying I'll meet in Seattle...I'll lie next time, for sure.)

Sand Pit

1rst night in, I was in Michigan: I drove into a sand pit and got stuck, really stuck there.

So I thought, okay, alright, looks like I've found my camping spot for the night. Next morning I stopped a random car passing on the dirt road to borrow their cell phone, called AAA, got pulled out of there and went swimming in lake Michigan on a deserted public beach (looks like people don't know how to swim when it rains...) 

Then I spent a few days in Duluth with my friend Julia and we drank beer, did acroyoga (check out the video below for some cool tricks!) and SAILED ON A BOAT !!! I don't remember being on a sailboat before. I think I might try to hitch hike on boat next trip... Haaaa yes! Sailing at night was glorious, with the shooting stars and the burnt-orange moon rising...




The Continental Divide

After leaving Julia, I spent the night lost in the middle of fields, found a lake with a free campsite. Didn't sleep much between, shooting stars, fish flying out of the lake, huge white herons and hords of chihuahuas (actually coyotes) partying all night. Then someone rolled in at 7 am and started fishing. So I gave up on sleep and enjoyed my breakfast with a new friend. Then drove off.

And drove across North Dakota

And drove across Montana... until I saw the sign:


Haaaaa how good it felt to read this. MADE IT HALFWAY ACROSS THE CONTINENT !
And shortly after that it got even more beautiful for the eyes. I stopped for a hike in the Painted Canyon of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, saw wild HORSESSssss and had a photoshoot with them which gave gorgeous pictures:

 And then continued on all the way to Wyoming.

The first thing I did when I got to the Tongue River Campground was swimming. 


Very nice.

Cold water. 

Said hi to my neighbours, set up the tent, and fell in a deep sleep. Woke up in a flooded tent. Fell back asleep. And so today, I went to the public library nearby to write you all of this, until the rain stops and I can dry my things. Then I'll probably swim again and explore the canyon. 


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