Morning Epiphany


Did you ever realize that our desires shape the world we live in? 

We - shape - the - world.(oh yes, you do, even if you only have 3 000$ in your bank account (or less)

In the past months (years?) I have been in a weird place that most of you probably can relate to:  patiently waiting, on stand by for life to say “Hello this is where it all begins” 

And so here we are, waiting for someone (something) to extend their hands, waiting for someone else to initiate what WE want to do. 

But can I tell you what’s flawed about this? 

Don’t get me wrong, cooperation is awesome. But no one knows better than you what’s inside of you. Even if you don’t clearly know what you want, your feelings are yours and yours only. In this we are all the same: your desires shape you into a completely unique creator of your every moment. 

(at this point you might thin I’m high on something: Yes. Coffee. Music. Dance. oh, hippie you!) 

I’m not saying quit your jobs and sell all your belongings. I’m saying….I love when you, when we, are aware that our only power is making the now feel better. And when we decide to take this easy way. By feeling better ourselves, everything, everybody feels better along the way. 

I love you! 

(and I’m off to create some wonderful music with someone I barely know because that sounds like something I’ve never tried before. Stay tuned ! (maybe subscribe to my mailing list ? ;) 

How do you keep yourself in the moment? Leave a comment below, we all benefit from your tricks! 
I find photography really helps me focus on how to frame things beautifully. There's always an angle that will make something look better. Chose that angle! (or don't but then don't be upset if I smile when you complain) 


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