I'm looking at your...

I have been soaking a lot lately. Hot springs (and near-death experiences to get there), cold streams, glacier lakes… 

Alone,  most of the time I am 


But sometimes there happens to be... 

other humans with…

Wa-wa-wess !

Wa-wa-wess !

on s'instalait en face d'un(e) ami(e)

on disait simultanément

Wa-wa-wess !

on décidait si on shootait l'autre, si on rechargeait notre gun, ou si on se protégeait 

Wa-wa-wess !

Wa-wa-wess !

On the road again !


And I love it!

Of course one of the great joys of travelling is the connection to the moment. We are surprised by things and they delight us. And it feels good.

So here's the "plan" : 

Chocolate and Chips

Before I'm dead and forgotten, I'd just like to share this story with you.

It took place in a time of ballrooms, big bands and winter gloom...-wait,, eh, 6 months ago?


Out of boredom and…

Do You Trust Me?

You might have noticed that I have decided to crowdfund my next album and so I wanted to write a little entry on why I decided to do the whole thing via my website and not via kickstarter or indiegogo…

Morning Epiphany


Did you ever realize that our desires shape the world we live in? 

We - shape - the - world.(oh yes, you do, even if you only have 3 000$ in your bank account (or less)) 

Drawing Conclusions

After my fourth croissant today, I have come to the conclusion that croissants might not be the only answer in regard to what we are doing here. 

So I bought a cheap bottle of organic wine and picked up…

Granny Sophie's Phone-Unlocking Adventure

It was about time I upgraded from my brother’s old Samsung Galaxy SII phone to a newer thing. 

Why ? 

I’m ashamed to tell you the answer. 



Work, Wine, Worry - The Happy Minute Experiment

Disclaimer: This post is for the chronically unsatisfied. If you are totally contempt with your existence at the moment, don't even bother (why should you?) !

Life hacks.
What a cool trend. I too wish there were shortcuts to ....joy…

Now What?

My first gigging year in review + (one of) my new goals!
Hello friends!

Some of you I have met hitch-hiking around, others are long time friends, others I have met busking or performing somehwere,
maybe I haven't even met…

Two things I learned falling on my head

Two things I learned falling on my head


But first we need to back track a little bit.

Friday night
My father and I had just arrived in Boston after a looooong day of driving. Since I was skipping OSDS's…

Dis Google

Il y a quelques jours, j'enregistrais 2 000 "phrases" (lire : mots aléatoires mal épelés et non accentués) pour une tâche de collection ou sampling de voix en français canadien. L'exercice était d'une tristesse infinie parce que je ne pouvais…