Sneak Peak - my First Videoclip!

Well, there are good things happening in 2017 indeed!  

This is something completely new for me, as I am used to live performances recordings:  The whole real-deal-filming-thing is on a completely different level! 

First you gotta get a track that is worth creating a video for. And I had just what we needed for that. In the imaginary drawer of all my creations, there was this full loop-pedal version of Hit the Road, Jack, whose lyrics I adapted for a female (and solo)  singer . 
I then took the time that was needed to get the track from it's loop-pedal-draft-version to a finished recording (you won't believe it, but after my first ALBUM,  I won a second full grant for a recording at the Dans Ma Chambre Studio in Gatineau!!!!) , and it sounds amazing

Don't worry, you'll have unlimited access to it in just about a week, once my very beautiful and lovely friend is done with the editing. 

No pressure, right? .... But I'm rreaaally excited to share this new track with all of you, so HURRY! Until then, you can enjoy this old-school live video shot in Taos last year with Tom-Waits-Dusty from the Speakeasy Jazz Cats.  And subscribe to my Youtube Channel so that you are notified when the Clip is finally out!  

Love & light, 


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  • SueA

    SueA Gatineau

    Contrats my Dear Sophie!!! Can't wait ♥

    Contrats my Dear Sophie!!! Can't wait ♥

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