1. Dirty Chai

De l'enregistrement Feu d'grand vent


I walk into my favorite coffee shop
My eyes are quick to find me the best spot.
I take a nice deep breath, sit down and drop-
my bags. Why do I always carry so much stuff?

Then he comes up to me and says “hello-
What would you like to drink?”, I say “Hello
Give me some time to think oh wait - wait, oh!
We’re getting serious here - here’s what you need to knowwww:

I wear my pants high on my waistline baby,
I let my thoughts fly - drink my tea Chaï - Dirty.
I’m strollin’ almost everywhere I go,
Sometimes my friends they tell me I’m too slow

but I like to say hi when I walk by, okay?
Or else I’d just fly in my private zeppelin.
One day I met with this weird astronaut,
He got off on his own and I just watched.

“Hello, who are you- tell us your bio!”
Well I’m the kind of girl who- wait- Was was I gonna do?
Put myself in a box with the words I use to talk
and spend my time just lost in thoughts on why I can’t be having fun.

One thing I’ll admit, it’s hard for me to simply CHILL
I just fall right back into guilt, these addictions I have built
I like to bring a book along and learn latin or write a song,
When at the lake no one’s around I skinny dip, oh please don’t frown!

I like to be high on this sweet life baby,
I keep my beats fly, not too shy to say ‘ Hey,
You know, I think we’d get on pretty well,
You’re quite attractive and I like your smell.’

I like to be high on this sweet life baby,
I dream of good times, when you smile, I’m happy
I might have been a toastmaster before,
a surgeon sewing bodies in a war…

But that’s only if you believe that past lives exist
‘Cause these days mate I’m surfin’ tuned in turned on I’m lit
I’m riding waveforms all day long, either in vibes or else in songs

Although I’m still quite young there is some wisdom that I’ve found
Nah y’aint found nothing, it came to you
Okay, right, that’s very true
Then wisdom came along, picked me up when I fell down, said
Keep your sight on higher ground, I promise I wont let you drown”

I like to be high on this sweet life baby,
Live love laugh and die, in the short time we’re here.
We’re bigger on the inside, this you know
So why don’t you just smile and let it show?

I like to be high on this sweet life, baby,
I let my thoughts fly and make sure I’m happy.
What’s on the other side, it’s hard to tell
You know, sometimes I think it’s just as well

Still I’m not immune to fashion,
Always molding new opinions,
Like: Can we rewire our brains?
More satisfaction and less pain
I’ll let the scientists explain
what our thoughts carry in our veins

I’m a guinea pig in action,
Testing new things is my mission
This bio-chemical from Spain can go through every cell’s’ membrane and activate reaction chain with the creation of protein

I apologize to all my guinea pigs out there,
I never meant to objectify you, you know
I know that we’re all here for the same good old reason
Tell me what, tell me what, oh!
I can hear them say:

We came to be high on this sweet life baby,
Live love laugh and die in the short time we’re here,
We came to be high on this sweet life baby,
We came to be high on this sweet life baby!