1. Doubt

De l'enregistrement Feu d'grand vent


Doubt - Sophie Bijjani

Doubt, doubt
For a moment,

You put your engine on the wrong side of the train.
It knows where you’ve been, and will take you there again.

You can’t expect a different ending if you’re feeling the same
and so you hop right on the track looking for someone to blame
But things don’t change, guilt trip
Bitter and sardonic, your imprint is just an old script.

Let go of doubt,
Or all you’ll get (for a moment)
is (disappointment)

Limited edition doesn’t mean a thing.
Custom design on the other hand sounds more appealing.
Haven’t you been told that we mould
the wardrobe of our feeling with our choice of earring?

That hate on your sleeve, despair “round your neck,
Tight collar, that shirt, I’ll lose it for you, no sweat!

Pulling on a knot in your hair to pry it loose,
Poking the same spot on your chest where there’s a bruise,
You know very well that poking bruises won’t do,
yet you’re used to how that feels so why try anything new?
But once you know that there’s always a better feeling option, ha!
Now you leverage what they call luck with intuition!

Let go of doubt
Let go of…(doubt)
Or all you’ll get (for a moment)
Is (disappointment)

Deactivate the doubt,
The idea felt good for a moment
before you crushed it with you disappointment

Close your eyes and breathe, go ahead and dance.
Freedom is outside rational thought.
Close your eyes and breathe, go ahead and dance…